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OKE Orange Fat Burner
Most of the ladies might felt mentally tortured when they are having weight management, as diet could be starvation, traditional Chinese medicine taste bitter, and it's not easy to work out!
Every lady dream for a slim fit body shape, however, most of the ladies are endomorph, which is easily to gain weight. Hence, weight management is part of their life. Unfortunately, a lot of ladies facing health issue while they are losing weight, due tothey blindly seek for slim body shape by using improper ways of weight management.


Mistakes in Weight Loss

Eat less and irregularly may cause us fail to meet the nutrient requirement and that might lead listless after sometimes. Situation might be worsened to those areanemia, which might cause syncope.

Take Diet Pills

Diet pills may cause vomiting and diarrhoea that mislead the users thought that the excessive calories had been discharged. However, the discharge is moisture instead, while the fat is still stored in the body.Besides, once you’ve stopped from taking the pills, it seems that even harder to control the desire to eat. The worst of diet pills are besides bounce back, it may also cause some other side effects. Hence, it’s just like put the cart before the horse, if we have to scarify our health for weight loss purpose.

Cut Down Carbohydrates

Our muscles will be decomposed once there’s short supplied from our body, as we cut down carbohydrates (mostly are rice and other staple foods), the main energy source. This will lead the increased of the body mass index (BMI), easy fatigue and feel listless. Instead of significantly affect blood sugar, complex carbohydrate such as oats, soy beans and maize able to promote bowel movement and accelerate toxins discharge from body!

Side Effects of Improper Weight Loss

Physically Exhausted

Muscle Contracture

Brown Skin


The 4 main concepts of OKE Orange Fat Burner that dispel the myth of weight loss without bounce back are: suppress appetite, increase metabolic rate, burn fat, and prevent from storing fat.

OKE Orange Fat Burner is naturally, safely and perfectly formulated to reduce fat once and for all. Besides, this orange flavoured product also able to fine tune health!

As one of the key ingredients, African mango extract is a plant native to West Africa that able to produce a unique seed, which named as “Dika nuts” by the locals. Due to its medicinal value, there’s a wild mango glyceride being extracted and widely used by the locals because since centuries ago. It works significantly in suppress appetite and reduce fatwithout side effects. Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) is used to reduce fast storage, promotes fat decomposition, and increase basal metabolic rate to reduce fat storage. CLA also able to effectively reduce fat in abdomen area, as it’s high affinity to belly fat. Therefore, CLA able to reduce fat and waist circumference, as well as improve the proportion of waist to hips.

Key Benefits:Help to prevent body from storing fat.

Gentle Reminders

Not Drinking Enough Water

Drink enough water is the key to burn fat. Metabolism may be slowed down when there is insufficient of water in a body, which may cause the slowed down of fat burn. Research shows that those drink more than 8 glasses of water daily, able to burn more calories than those drink less than 8 glasses of water.

Skipping Breakfast

Controlling the calories intake by skipping breakfast or take very light breakfastis not a proper way of weight management. Skip breakfast may cause starving, low stamina and lower basal metabolic rate, which may lead a higher sugar content lunch. Research shows that those have proper breakfast are easier in keeping a fit body shape.
Main Ingredients
Orange Powder

  • A large amount of water-soluble fiber that increase satiety.

  • It can promote intestinal digestion and is a great fruit for weight loss.

  • Contains enzymes that effectively inhibit the production of fat cells.

African Mango Extract

  • Provide inhibitory effect on enzyme involved in converting glucose to stored fat.

  • Decrease or enhance the leptin to inhibit food intake or stimulate thermogenesis process.

  • Help to boost metabolism.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

  • Is an omega-6 fatty acid which helps to preserve lean body mass while reducing body fat.

  • CLA affects two enzymes, one that breaks down fat from the cell and one that breaks down fat in the blood.

  • Study shows that it help prevents fat from being stored too.


  • Is an amino acid precursor to epinephrine.

  • Epinephrine works to allow fat to be metabolized and burned as energy.

  • Is an precursor to thyroid hormones which help to maintain proper metabolism.
Ingredients List:
Dextrose, Orange Powder, African Mango Extract, Conjugated Linoleic Acid and L-Tyrosine

Direct oral. Consume after breakfast.

Store in cool, dry places.
Do not expose to direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children

Serving Size :
2 grams /1 sachet

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